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The Cadillac of Wheeled Corrals

Wheeled Corral

This corral is stronger and taller for strength to handle cows and bulls. It measures 35' wide inside and 79' of panels on each side.

The Diamond W Corral is designed to save the rancher time with double hinged construction and 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" square tubing on a diamond pattern. This construciton allows the corral to be set up on various types of terrain providing both the strength and mobility needed for uneven ground. All the panels are 6' high and lifted by cable winches. The 6' long side levers are used to easily change the rear wheel assembly for mobility in setup and transport.

Wheeled Corral In Transport Mode

In transport the corral measures 8' x 6" x 35'
  • Has a break away hitch for transport.
  • Double 6' gates on front to work with livestock trailer, loading chutes and working chutes.
  • All gates are made of 1-3/4" guage square tubing.
  • All tubing is turned to make the diamond pattern for strength.
  • Cage is a 6' x 6' square inside.
  • 3" x 6" rectangular tubing is used for the cross support.
  • Rear gate has spring loaded latch.
  • 11L-15 8 ply implemnt tires and wheel are used to transport corral.
  • All panels behind the cage are made of 1-3/4" square tubing with 120 wall thickness.
  • All panel height from the ground is 6' tall.
  • An X brace is used on all panels to support springing in long panels.
  • Panels are lifted with winches.
  • Panels will be locked in place with safety chains for transportation.
  • All rear panels are on the double hinge system with all saddles made of 3/8" x 3" flat iron.
  • No. 2 panel rolls on an 18" tire.
  • No. 3 panel rolls on a 13" tire.
  • No. 4 panel rolls on a caster wheel.
  • The two inside divider gates are now on the double hinge system. A caster wheel is used on the end of the panel for ease of operation.
  • Unit capacity is 140 head at 850 lbs.
  • Our demo unit weight over 6000 lbs. The unit has been field tested in Oklahoma.
  • This corral is being built to be stronger and taller and easier to lift for transportation.
  • This is the first corral with a waist high lever to change the rear wheel direction for transport.
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